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MasterC, the king of “AI trading”, dominates the digital currency market

2020-12-31 Buffalonews

In March 2016, artificial intelligence (AI) programme AlphaGo and the world champion of Go, professional nine-dan player Li Shishi went into a Go man versus machine battle where AlphaGo ended up winning with a total score of 4-1. At the end of 2016 and early 2017, AlphaGo has competed with players from China, Japan and South Korea on a Chinese chess website in as series of quick duels of which AlphaGo remained undefeated after 60 consecutive rounds. Similarly, in May 2017, at the Wuzhen Go Summit in China, it played against the world's No. 1 world Go champion Ke Jie and won with a total score of 3-0. The Go world recognizes that AlphaGo's chess power has exceeded that of human professional Go.

The development of artificial intelligence has long surpassed the cognitive level of the public, and decades of experience in learning Go has proven that it does not match that of AI and big data calculations. The MasterC team has taken a fancy to the rapid development of AI technology and aims to combine AI with big data to apply them to the trading market.

The market size of the blockchain industry in 2020 has reached 5 trillion yuan, and it has maintained a rapid growth rate of more than 80%. It is predicted that the market size of the blockchain industry is expected to exceed 26.5 trillion yuan in 2022. With such a huge market value, whether it is spot trading or contract trading, the development potential cannot be ignored.

MasterC is the world's leading AI smart contract transaction cloud software. When conducting market transactions, MasterC can make decisions based on decades of trend big data, so as to automatically execute trades on the marketAs it uses AI and does not require human analysis and manual operations, it will be able to automatically execute trading strategies day and night. All trading operations are calculated by big data intelligently, so that not only will there be no possibility of misjudgment caused by human fatigue, it can also avoid the emotional aspects of trading; these advantages are effectively overcoming the shortcomings of human nature.

To realize AI intelligent trading, technology and industry experience are indispensable. The technical team of MasterC is composed of world-renowned data scientists, mathematicians, high-performance computing, database and cloud computing experts. The founding team is also experienced with trading stocks and finance on Wall Street in the United States.

The purpose of MasterC design is to integrate and improve based on the concept of high-speed smart contract protocols. Through high-frequency transactions, AI-driven data and massive data conversion, the number of transactions and transaction logic can reach an optimal state to create a consensus-based application that is scalableconvenient, standardized and comprehensiveMasterC performs standardized contract operations in accordance with a large number of AI intelligent robots to help users obtain the spread in transaction prices. The digital form means that the contract runs in the form of computer executable code. As long as the participants reach an agreement, the rights and obligations established by the smart contract will be executed by the computer or computer network. Blockchain-based smart contracts not only take advantage of the low-cost and high-efficiency advantages of smart contracts, but also prevent malicious behavior from interfering with the normal execution of the contract. The smart contract is written into the blockchain in a coded form, and blockchain technology is used to realize the traceability, transparency and tamper-resistance of the data storage, reading and execution process.

With the empowerment of high-tech technologies such as AI, blockchain technology, and big data computing, the MasterC smart contract transaction cloud software will continue to upgrade and iterate, allowing the platform to better serve users and make the most accurate trading judgments so that more users can benefit from trading with MasterC.

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