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Machine Room-less Elevator


The development of machine-room-less elevator is of great significance to the development of the whole elevator industry. 1) The main machine, drive cabinet and control cabinet of machine-room-less elevator are installed in the upper part of the shaft, which does not require a special machine room and has great advantages in terms of beautiful appearance compared with traditional elevators. 2) The high reliability of the operation of machine-room-less elevator and Its luxurious configuration makes it suitable for various high-grade office buildings, star hotels, hotels, hospitals, exhibition centers, fashionable residential communities and other occasions. Since there is no machine room, maintenance work often requires operators to appear at the entrance and exit of the top floor and at the top of the shaft during the maintenance operation, so it is not only necessary to guarantee the absolute safety of the operators themselves, but also to strictly prevent the safety hazards brought by some unrelated personnel that may appear. 

Machine room-less elevators are developing rapidly in China. It is increasingly adopted because it does not occupy machine room space, is green and energy-saving. In recent years, 70-80% of the newly installed elevators in Japan and Europe are machine-room-less elevators, and only 20-30% of the elevators are machine-room or hydraulic elevators. The outstanding advantages of machine-room-less elevators are as follows: 1. green and environment-friendly, no need for special machine rooms for elevators, space saving and cost saving. 2. low vibration, low noise, stable and reliable. 3. high efficiency, energy saving. 4. easy installation and maintenance. 5. help buildings reduce height. Machine-room-less elevators are a major change in elevator technology. Some of the key technologies adopted will be promoted and applied to other elevator products, which in turn will drive the technical progress of the whole elevator industry.

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