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MIGO platform leads the way for blockchain decentralization

2020-12-31 Buffalonews

Recently, the world of Bitcoin is making new all-time highs every day. After 9 consecutive months of skyrocketing, on the evening of December 27, the price of Bitcoin once again risen to $28,000, an increase of 13% within 24 hours, once again making its entry into the history books.

The underlying technology of Bitcoin is composed of blockchain technology. This is also the reason why Bitcoin is favored by mainstream investment institutions recently. Since the beginning of 2011, blockchain technology has been iteratively updated every year, including the previous "Ethereum" and this year's hot "DeFi" are making efforts and contributions to the decentralization of the blockchain.

2021 will definitely be the year when the "decentralized financial platform" comes on stage. As global development and changes never stop, a new era of decentralized economy led by MIGO will come in time.

MIGO decentralized platform

MIGO is a tri-super platform of DeFi based on blockchain technology, non-fungible tokens (NFT) and decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO). With the design and concept of the maze, MIGO adheres to the concept of "all roads lead to Rome", so that each exit has a different module. Users can also enjoy the same fun as Lego in the maze, but also participate in the DeFi world at the same time. MIGO forms an autonomous community with a collaborative approach of "Governance through Building", allowing users to mutually benefit and assist each other, and ultimately benefit collectively.

As a cross-chain financial platform, MIGO allows users to get the best return from the DeFi ecosystem. After the user completes the registration and KYC certification, the system will give a black box extraction opportunity. In each black box, 3 different levels of shovel and mysterious egg tokens will be randomly provided, and different levels of shovel will give users different benefits; so essentially, each black box will bring different surprises.

The three "engines" of MIGO

MIGO creates a technical infrastructure for a new decentralized financial system powered by blockchain and smart contracts. For MIGO, the core technology is the MIGO chain, which supports an ecosystem of decentralized financial applications and an adaptive digital platform tailored for mass adoption.

At present, distributed ledger technology still has limitations such as slow transaction speed, low throughput, lack of user-friendliness, and incompatibility with existing systems. These shortcomings are mainly the result of the inconsistency between the functions of the existing platform and the needs of traditional industries. To compensate for these limitations, MIGO added DeFi performance and components to the system to meet the transaction speed and depth of the MIGO main chain.

MIGO aims to promote blockchain technology to the public by prioritizing adoption, high performance, scalability and ease of use. MIGO will also launch financial applications developed by trusted partners. These applications are only released on the chain and benefit from the support of MIGO's partners and investors to form a good development and interactive ecosystem.

MIGO is a new product combining DeFi and NFT, it is used mainly used to confirm the rights of financial certificates using the utility of NFTs. Generally speaking, the utility of NFT assets is low. The implantation of the “GameFi gamification” design mechanism on the MIGO main chain makes NFT assets more functional as they leverage on the characteristics of blockchain technology. the NFT on the MIGO main chain is considered to be a future connection between digital and digital assets. The real economy detonates an innovative application model of asset circulation and value-added.

MIGO will not only unite DEFI and NFT, but will also build its platform on one of the world's top project - HyperDAO. HyperDAO, the leader in the blockchain industry, aims to establish an efficient, transparent and comprehensive DeFi ecosystem that provides users with a complete decentralized financial infrastructure. With openness, fairness, and interconnectedness as its core values, more services will be added as the future ecosystem continues to grow.

With the help of the three engines, MIGO will develop more and more rapidly. We believe that in 2021, MIGO's decentralized financial platform will shock the entire industry, become the core of the industry's future development, and make more contributions to global economic development.

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