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Judgment Day: building a blockchain game with high quality graphics and high playability


Judgment Day is the first true multiplayer online 3A blockchain game on Binance Smart Chain.Judgment day is about to take the power of value creation and profit distribution out of the hands of centralized players and give it to the user base.

Project Highlights

1. The real GameFi chain tour 3A masterpiece one BSC chain , and got the well-known VC institutions investment

2. More than 10 years of professional game team to create, will soon be available! Team members have done development or operation for well-known games: God of War, Call of Duty, etc., and participated in 2 100 times up projects

3. Already submitted BitMart on the application, the project in the middle of landing Sesame, OK and other first-tier big

4. Combines the characteristics of traditional chain game and online game with random high yield, attracts countless fans, has a natural out of the circle gene, will soon be logged in CMC!


Judgment day is developing a multiplayer online game, players need to continue to survive on the Earth after being almost destroyed by an advanced alien civilization. From the last bastion of humanity, players need to go out and create new communities to expand and reclaim human habitat and civilization, hold land and resist against the mutants sent by the aliens.

Game Background

The enemy is not scary, what is scary is human nature.Judgment day depicts the Earth being discovered by an advanced alien civilization, which through biotechnological warfare aims to use Earth’s creatures to destroy humanity. Mutated creatures are encroaching on humans from all sides and have swiftly eliminated 95% of the population, the remaining survivors are all in hiding preparing to muster the last defence. Some think that this is God’s punishment and therefore the time of the invasion was aptly called ‘Judgement Day’.


A decentralized, exchangeable value exchange will be constructed.

A decentralized open game ecosystem to let each “micro-universe” conceived by Judgement Day find its own user group and culture. Every player can use a unique identity to travel between different parallel universes. Judgement Day allows players to turn their time and effort into something they can profit from.

Game Introduction

At the behest of an alien civilization, there are mutants everywhere on Earth. Surviving humans need to work together to thrive once again and find ways to restore the Earth. But human nature is often very scary; one cannot easily trust everyone, but also can’t make it alone.

The main modes of Judgment Day are Quest play and Redion play.

1.Character Creation

In Judgment Day you can spend $JDAY tokens to create a character whose attributes will be upgraded as you battle, create equipment and cultivate territory. You can fight, create, and collect tokens in a variety of ways, and thus it is possible to play for revenue. (each account can create a maximum of 3 characters)

2.Basic operation


Use WASD to control the character’s action and the mouse to control the character’s view.


Hold down the CTRL key simultaneously with WASD control towards where you want to move. Or press CTRL + R to switch the running state. To switch to walking form then press CTRL + R.


Attacking normal monsters with the left mouse button is a normal attack, long press the left mouse button is a power attack, (the public beta version will have upgraded skills). To forcefully attack an NPC that cannot be attacked normally, press ALT to open the PK status. To close the PK state is to press the ALT key again to lift.

Pick up items

Left mouse button click to pick up items, or long press the right SHIFT can automatically pick up all items around quickly.


There are 4 professions to choose from in Judgment Day. When the player reaches level 10, they can find a mentor in Redion to choose a career.

Defender: by the higher civilization biological weapons radiation led to human mutation, the body density becomes larger, the power to enhance, can be made with biological body drop shell and armor can resist attacks, indestructible.

Druid: before the destruction of the Earth, the body comes with energy of humans, due to the biological weapons radiation led to a huge boost in energy, can control the biological mind, can also focus a little outburst of psi energy to cause damage to living creatures, can kill creatures by devouring biological cells to enhance the psi energy to grow their own.

Ranger: Composed of the best of the military, the body has not changed dramatically after the destruction of the Earth, and can use special bio-modified guns to probe from a distance and deliver a fatal blow.

Mechatron: Earth’s top scientists, the use of biological bodies plus mechanical enhancements to make special mechatronics, mechatronics itself can store a variety of materials, in a crisis to provide the team with a variety of biological potions, you can also summon mechatronics storage turrets for combat.mechatronics storage turrets for combat.


The total supply of Redion cards is 36, of which 10 are used for commercial cooperation and ecological operations. 5 are used for public sale, and the rest are needed for in-game battles to collect NFT pieces.

Redion card holders will receive 50 Land NFT airdropRedion card holders will receive $RST token airdropRedion card holders will receive a tax bonus for their area

Redion cardholders have operational rights to create a different gaming experience for community playersRedion card holders have access to all games in the entire Judgment day ecosystem


Judgment Day has 36 independent NFTs, and areas interspersed among 43 major regions. 36 areas need to be cleared by players, and after they are cleared, independent communities can be built upon them to provide players with supplies and other benefits. Judgment day will be a large, decentralized multiplayer ecosystem with many regions, each created by means of transportation and traveling to other regions. Players can travel between their favorite regions at any time.


In Judgment day, all equipment and props dropped in the game constitute separate NFTs which players can collect and sell by themselves.

These NFTs are submitted in-game to the assets marketplace for validation and trading according to agreed-upon terms and specifications. These NFT assets can use be valued according to uniqueness, rarity or general popularity.

In the future, we will introduce commercial cooperation to bring external offline brands or products to Judgment day, forming a unique and precious NFT asset.


In the Judgment Day game world, a new pass will be introduced every month for players to purchase. Each pass is valid for 30 days, and when players have a pass, they only need to complete tasks in the Judgment Day game world every day to get a certain amount of $RST.Players who do not hold a pass will not have any revenue from completing tasks in the game.

The pass needs to be purchased on the Judgment Day official website and there are 5 tiers of pass:

White pass: 100% yield,60% chance of opening

Green pass: 150% yield, 20% chance of opening

Blue pass: 200% yield, 10% chance of opening

Gold pass: 300% yield, 7% chance of opening

Purple pass: 500% yield, 3% chance of opening


Given the vast game area within the Judgement Day world, travelling on foot is definitely not ideal. Having a mode of transportation greatly reduces players’ commuting time. The game will have 3 types of ‘carriers’

Judgment Day Tech stacks

Unreal engine, Three JS, C++, C#. A whole new user experience in terms of both technology and human interaction is coming!!!

The game developers are working around the clock, while maintaining top technical standards.

Thanks for reading, let’s look forward to the launch of the project together.

If you have any questions, you can communicate with us through the following links.

Official website: www.jday.xyz

Twitter: https://twitter.com/JDay_P2E

Telegram_EN: https://t.me/Judgmentday_EN

Telegram_CN: https://t.me/Judgmentday_CN

Medium: https://medium.com/@Judgment_DAY

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wMfKWkhJrkc&t=1s


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