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Japan's SoftBank Group joined Bitsflyer, the list of CEH online exchanges announced


According to Singapore media New Media, global blockchain enthusiasts' subscription to CEH has received attention and support from many sides in the past month.TheCEH Foundation immediately announced: Japan's SoftBank Group has reached a strategic investment cooperation plan with CEH official, SoftBank group's support is mainly for the development of CEH technology and CEH technology's commercial application development field. As the second generation of value Internet, blockchain will lay a solid foundation for the development of global commerce and finance.

Meanwhile, the CEH development plan clearly states that a second test network was released in November to enable the use of multiple chains on a chain. It is expected that CEH will exceed ETH subscriptions during the ERC20 token phase. After the launch of CEH block chain main network, it will open the era of real enterprise business application, because it is inevitable for block chain technology to go out of the laboratory service business. The business application scenario of CEH mainnet can become the main battlefield of the next generation enterprise business application, and the ecological construction of CEH will be more perfect.

The blockchain market is becoming more and more mature, with the release of the global WEB3.0 value Internet of DAO developers. CEH project parties are also actively conducting close business communication with decentralized financial organizations, and CEH will soon be handed over to DAO developers for comprehensive project development and global operations.

Two weeks ago, the CEH project party/CEH Foundation had conducted in-depth communication with more than 10 exchanges. The list of exchanges that are indeed online: Coinbase, Binance, Bitfinex, Kraken, BitMEX. Tradeable types are temporarily open to CEH/BTC, CEH/ETH, CEH/USDT. At that time, the CEH project party/CEH Foundation will release news, and the launch time will be announced soon. Everyone can celebrate the glorious moment of CEH online trading. Tribute to the CEH team and all the consensus groups that support the development of CEH!


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