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Integrated Domestic Sewage Treatment Equipment, Contact Customer Service For Customization


Features of integrated sewage treatment equipment:
1. Stable and reliable operation, advanced technology, ensure the treatment effect, and ensure that the effluent reaches the discharge standard.
2. Advanced automatic control technology shall be adopted to reduce human operation cost as much as possible.
3. Adopt modern technical means, gradually realize scientific and automatic management, and achieve reliable technology and reasonable economy.
4. The principle of saving investment is to make full use of the original facilities for transformation.
5. The water quality of the sewage treated by the equipment has reached Grade A of the National Integrated Wastewater Treatment Discharge Standard.
6. It is mainly applicable to domestic sewage from residential quarters, hotels, docks, shopping malls, sanatoriums, schools, highways and other industries.
7. Treatment capacity: 1-50000 tons/day/set. We will help you formulate the most economical and reasonable sewage treatment plan according to your site conditions.

1. The integrated sewage treatment equipment has the ability to remove nitrogen and phosphorus, and can achieve the ability to treat industrial wastewater, domestic sewage and urban sewage by adjusting the structure of the equipment.
2. The fillers in the contact oxidation tank are mostly composite soft fillers, which are light in weight, high in strength, stable in physical and chemical properties, large in specific surface area, strong in biofilm adhesion, and high in contact efficiency between sewage and biofilm.
3. Aerator is used in the contact oxidation tank for air blowing and aeration, so that the fiber bundle can float continuously, the aeration is uniform, and the microorganisms grow mature, which has the characteristics of activated sludge process.
4. Integrated sewage treatment equipment can be installed on the ground or buried underground. When buried underground, the upper part can be used for greening. The plant area is small and there are few ground structures.

Intelligent Equipment Branch of Sichuan Communications Construction Group Co., Ltd. is a specialized branch under Sichuan Communications Construction Group Co., Ltd. for centralized management of fixed assets such as mechanical equipment and revolving materials. Founded in November 2019, it is located in Haite International Plaza, Wuhou District, Chengdu City. Its main industrial sectors are the planning, construction and operation of mixing plants, process operation of professional construction equipment, installation of revolving materials and technical guidance Temporary construction design, construction and operation of the project.
The Intelligent Equipment Branch has about 35 technical management personnel in various engineering and equipment disciplines, including 6 with graduate education and 36 with college degree or above; At present, there are 3 national registered first class constructors, 10 second class constructors, 3 senior professional titles and 13 intermediate professional titles; In addition, there are about 120 professional technicians including various equipment operators, mechanics, electricians and welders related to the project construction.
The branch company has 135 sets of various large and medium-sized construction equipment with good performance, the original value of which is about 250 million yuan, mainly including 9 sets of 3000 and 4000 Maliani asphalt mixing stations, 9 sets of Zoomlion and Sany cement concrete mixing stations, 1 set of German original Wittgen RX4500 type geothermal regeneration equipment, 1 set of 200 ton highway bridge erecting machine, 3 sets of Italian Casa tunnel multi-function drills, and 2 sets of Finland Amberto (formerly Atlas) full computer rock drilling jumbos, 2 wet spraying manipulators, 2 arch frame installation trolleys, 3 56m concrete pump trucks, 6 Vogler 1900-2100 pavers, 3 Wittgen 2000 milling machines, 11 imported Hummer and BMW double wheel rollers, 11 XCMG and Sany rubber wheel rollers, 1 Dagang asphalt distributor and 1 synchronous sealer respectively. In addition, turnover materials such as steel trestle, hanging basket and hydraulic climbing formwork with a value of nearly 80 million yuan are available.


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