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Imitation Bamboo Railings


Product description:
1. This product is a prefabricated concrete product, with 8mm threaded steel bars built in. It uses keel buckles for bidirectional positioning, as a skeleton, to avoid the rust of missing steel bars.
2. The surface is treated with special green cement paint, and the bamboo grain is lifelike.
Bamboo like guardrail is a kind of protective product, which can be used in families and parks. Bamboo like guardrail is based on galvanized steel guardrail. Compared with the galvanized steel pipe guardrail, the bamboo like guardrail has the advantages of high hardness, anti-corrosion, rust prevention, easy assembly and beautiful appearance. Excellent field function, strong strength and impact resistance. It can be used for guardrails, forest garden railings, courtyard doors, balcony railings, stair railings, garden railings and high-rise buildings.

1. Application: The barrier is mainly used for the safety protection and decoration of roads, railways, airports, residential areas and other places.
2. Steel pipe scaffold shall be used for the column, and the cross bar shall be galvanized steel pipe after plastic dipping treatment, and then the surface shall be treated by plastic spraying process; The grid is made of crochet mesh (steel plate mesh), which has good corrosion resistance and strong rust resistance.
3. Color selection: can be customized according to the needs.
4. The installation and construction are simple and convenient.
5. Product advantages: beautiful, practical, durable, economical and affordable.
6. The scope of application is wide. It is applicable to the isolation and protection of the protective belt on both sides of the closed highway, municipal engineering bridge, airport, port, wharf, green land, garden units, schools, stadiums, factories, tourist resorts, customs, military bases, prisons, detention centers, power stations, facilities, gas stations, construction sites, etc.
7. Service life: 10~20 years.

The company was founded on July 1st, 1997. Its production base is now located at No. 5, Chengyang Road, huaizhou Industrial Park, Chengdu. It covers an area of 33333 square meters. It is small and exquisite. It is a garden plant, park office, Park production and life. For a long time, we are dedicated to R & D, design, production and sales as a professional company.


Huang Zujie


Tonglian municipal cross border store

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