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Invented by the United States in 1865, insulating glass is a new building material with good heat and sound insulation, beautiful and applicable, and can reduce the self-weight of the building. It is made of two (or three) pieces of glass, the use of high-strength, high airtight composite binder, the glass and the aluminum alloy frame containing the desiccant bonding, made of high-performance sound insulation and heat insulation glass. Insulating glass is superior to ordinary double glazing in a variety of properties, so it is recognized around the world. Insulating glass is a glass product in which two or more pieces of glass are evenly separated by effective support and sealed by bonding around the perimeter, so that a dry gas space is formed between the glass layers. Its main materials are glass, warm edge spacer, bent corner bolts,butyl rubber, polysulfide rubber, desiccant.
Application scope: Insulating glass is mainly used in buildings that need heating, air conditioning, prevention of noise or condensation, as well as buildings that need no direct sunlight and special light. It is widely used in residences, restaurants, hotels, office buildings, schools, hospitals, stores and other occasions where indoor air conditioning is needed. It can also be used in the doors and windows of trains, automobiles, ships, freezers, etc.

Product features
①Larger energy-saving effect
High-performance insulating glass, with a special metal film, can achieve a shading coefficient of 0.22-0.49, which makes the indoor air conditioning (cooling) load less. Heat transfer coefficient 1.4-2.8W (m2.K), better than ordinary insulating glass.
②Improve indoor environment
High-performance insulating glass can intercept a considerable amount of energy from the sun into the room, thus preventing discomfort caused by radiant heat and reducing dazzling caused by sunset sunlight.
③Rich hues and artistry
High-performance insulating glass is available in a variety of colors, and colors can be selected as needed to achieve a more desirable artistic effect.
④Uses of high-performance insulating glass
It is suitable for office buildings, exhibition rooms, libraries and other public facilities and special buildings like computer rooms, precision instrument workshops and chemical plants that require constant temperature and humidity. In addition, it can also be used for sun protection and sunset dazzle prevention.

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