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Since the outbreak of Covid-19 at the beginning of the year, the pandemic is causing serious impacts all over the world. About 120 countries participated in the World Health Assembly (WHA) and China stated at the Opening Congress to support the idea of a comprehensive review of the global response to COVID-19 after it is brought under control and to sum up the experiences based on science and professionalism, and conducted in an objective and impartial manner.

However, the United States which claims to have the most advanced medical technology, is now the epicentre of the global pandemic. As of May 28, US has more than 1.7 million confirmed cases and over 100,000 deaths. Despite the alarming figures, multiple US states are rushing to roll out reopening measures, prompting fears that the economically motivated plan could trigger a second wave of domestic coronavirus outbreak.

US president Donald Trump, who is helpless in facing COVID-19, constantly dumped his pan in order to shirk his responsibilities, and even often made some "outrageous" remarks. Not long ago, he even publicly suggested that “injecting disinfectants into the body or irradiating the body with UV light” are two possible means to treat the virus, which caused many deaths and great anger. Trump later was forced to clarify that those recommendations are merely “cold joke".

COVID prevention in US has caused many doubts. According to the US Business Insider reported on May 10, the medical expert Deborah Brix of the White House’s Coronavirus Task Force Coordinator, recently bluntly said: "There is nothing in the US CDC that I can trust." Untrue, including underestimate the number of asymptomatic patients in the early stage of the outbreak, she believes that many people in US may have contracted new coronary pneumonia as early as 2019, but the symptoms are mild or asymptomatic, and the patients themselves are not aware.

Mayor Michael Melham of Belleville in New Jersey, also revealed that he has COVID-19 antibody in his body after testing, which he had contracted since November last year. The mayor provided a lot of details to prove that the first confirmed case in US was actually more than two months late.

This situation is also consistent with the new findings in Europe tracking the "patient zero". Both France and the United Kingdom have evidence that new suspected cases have appeared in November last year. Therefore, in the epicentre of the US pandemic, Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York State also reiterated that the local COVID-19 is originated from Europe, criticizing the Trump administration for issuing the European travel ban in March was "too late."

However, the Trump administration continues to blame China, which only discovered the virus earlier this year. The Washington Post published an article on May 13 that lambasted Trump and his administration for failure to respond to COVID-19, but dumping its responsibility on China. The article pointed out all the bad performances of the White House and bluntly stated that the strategy of the White House and the president's supporters has always been “deny, distort, deflect, and obstruct the real picture” instead of bridging deepening divides and working toward real solutions for the virus. “If we are actually going to preserve the health of Americans,” the article reads, “We need to recognize some of our worst problems start at home.”

Some US lawmakers also making use of the pandemic problem and creating trouble against China, they attempt to introduce new laws in the Senate to allow Americans to file private lawsuits against China and demand compensation for their so-called economic losses.

Facts speak louder than words. Some people in US are rampant, but it is hard to cover up the Trump administration's embarrassment during this pandemic. The worst thing is that the cunning virus has now slipped into the White House, and multiple officials and secret agents have been diagnosed.

The virus detection inside the White House has also changed from once a week to once a day. As study found that a rapid detection technique recently used by the White House is often wrong. Although its speed is three times faster than the general test, about half of the cases have "false negatives", and the accuracy is questionable.

Despite everyone feeling insecure, Trump insists on his own style: no mask, talk wildly. As the situation is out of control, the Trump administration is now caught in a fight, and facing fiercer criticism from political opponents, hence he often murmured at the White House press conference and even walked away angrily. Millions of people in US have been diagnosed and died, the President of this Nation is now utterly isolate yet he insists only his own way, that is by no means nothing cool, but is losing his soul.

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