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How to Earn Crypto with Free Rewards on OXBTC


The cryptocurrency market size has reached $23+ million in 2022, and it is expected to grow at a CAGR of over 6.9% from 2022 to 2028. For crypto investors, this is good news. But one risk we could not ignore is investing in cryptocurrency can become challenging while investing on an international level. There are very few reliable platforms that allow crypto enthusiasts to explore the world of digital currency with ironclad security.

OXBTC is one such cryptocurrency platform that offers a range of blockchain services. Users can invest in crypto, play, mine, earn and even learn the know-how of the digital currency. It has an immediate payment option with multi-supported cryptocurrency. Users can even swap in a hassle-free network; it is multi-lingual supported and also acts as a secure wallet for all transactions.

What is OXBTC Earn?

For beginners, OXBTC has OXBTC Earn. This functionality allows users to operate the cryptocurrency even without enough hardware, software, or technical knowledge. Simply create an account and complete simple projects to earn OXCoins. Then users can redeem OXCoins in cryptocurrency. It is the most efficient way to earn passive income.


Earn with Tasks:

The new user requires logging in by making an account. They will then be taken to the user-friendly dashboard with 0 OXCoins. This is where the day-to-day tasks that have been assigned should be checked. It could vary from 1 to a number of tasks based on how many the users can play. It also displays the total amount that will be rewarded on the completion of the tasks. Users can easily navigate to the left-hand side of the app and find the section that says – OXBTC Task.

Now the user gets into the task information that is being displayed in an accessible format on their personal dashboard. It shows the task amount, the number of tasks that are completed, the availability of future tasks, and how many OXcoins are earned. It has to be noted that each given task will be different from the previous one for the user. They are all based on mining and gaining knowledge from the crypto world.

The user will have to select the play-to-earn task to obtain the OXCoins. Each step will be guided on the app. Sometimes it will mean going through the beginner’s guide on the OXBTC learn section. While the users get the newly acquired knowledge there will be questionnaires to solve. Generally, these will revolve around the world of Bitcoin, digital currency mapping, and cloud mining with OXBTC. Most of the time it will require the users to log into the OXBTC section for checking in. Thus by completing these simple tasks the users can obtain OXCoins.

Earn with Offerwalls:

If the user is looking for a highly rewarding experience in gaining the OXcoins with a huge payout then investing daily time in completing tasks mentioned on the offerwalls is ideal. These sites that are given on the offerwalls pay more than PTC ads. One can earn more than 40,000 OXCoins by just completing a survey, downloading an app, or even performing certain crypto-based tasks that are mentioned. They may also be required to indulge in playing a game or doing difficult digital offers with renowned Bitcoin brands. One thing that needs to be taken care of is that offerwalls display the third party services and users need to protect their identity before investing their time into the given tasks.


Earn with PTC Ads:

There is another bonus way to obtain passive OXcoins – watching PTC Ads. These are already present for the user to click and watch on the platform. OXBTC has partnered with a varied number of crypto-based websites that give informative sessions. The user will be asked to click on these advertised sites to earn enough OXcoins for their personal mining. Some of the popular sites that are featured to earn are – Get Bitcoin, Dogecoins, Freecash, and BitsWall – Shortlinks list. When the users click on these PTC ads they have to browse the given site for a maximum of 30 secs to earn. The user can spend much more time going through these extended sites to gain more information on trading in cryptocurrency. There is one final step before the user starts earning via PTC Ads, this is to download the Anti-cheat plugin and the OX earn plugin for a fair amount of play each day.


Are the OXcoins redeemable?

Yes, click on the reward details, users can check on how much they have earned by performing any of the above methods. These can be exchanged for OXBTC wallet. Thus completing the OXBTC earn process.


While OXBTC provides users with a portfolio for depositing coins, they can also use MetaMask and other third-party portfolios to receive the earnings. For beginners, this is highly beneficial since it allows them to invest in crypto without any expert knowledge. Apart from being a source for instant passive income it also allows the investor to become strong in their cryptocurrency asset game.

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