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Hayek’s public chain

2021-03-06 Defi speaker

Hayek’s public chains are open-source public chains independently developed Hayek team based on the blockchain technology. To salute the Nobel Economics Prize winner Hayek, it is named Hayek. Hayek’s public chains apply the unique blockchain data structure and virtual machine design, apply the on-chain upgrading system and off-chain channel technology to realize expandability, high efficiency, usability, and interoperability of Hayek’s public chains, maximize protection of community completeness, solve the impossible trinity problem of the blockchain, and turn into the global top-notch public chains covering different fields including DeFi, payment, storage, and finance. Moreover, it forms the scenes that are widely applied in DID identity and blockchain tracing and lays a foundation for users, investors, and professional teams to construct the new-type value community.

In the meantime, Hayek’s public chains issue HYK token to realize their ecological operation and let participants to share the bonus brought by public chains. With the increase of ecological applications for Hayek’s public chains, it expands HYK application scenes, applies the unique economic model design, and makes HYK guarantee the project launch while maintaining the long-term project development. Moreover, it can freely compete with other currency, stably improve the value in the competition, own the stable purchasing power, finally win out, and use the technological means to realize HAYEK’s thought theory.

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