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Geogrid is suitable for various kinds of dam and road foundation reinforcement, slope protection, cave wall reinforcement. Large airports, parking lots, dock yards and other permanent bearing foundation reinforcement.
Geogrid is used to increase the bearing capacity of the road (foundation) and extend the service life of the road (foundation).
Geogrid is used to prevent the road (ground) surface from caving in or generating cracks, and to keep the ground beautiful and neat.
Geogrid is used for convenient construction, saving time and effort, shortening the construction period and reducing maintenance cost.
Geogrid is used to prevent cracks in culverts.
Geogrid is used to strengthen soil slope and prevent soil erosion.
Geogrid is used to reduce the thickness of bedding layer and save the cost.
Geogrid is used to support the stability of slope grass mats to green the environment.
Geogrid can effectively block the transmission of seismic forces and play an important role in enhancing the seismic stiffness, strength and stability of embankments.

Geogrid is a major geosynthetic material with unique properties and efficacy compared to other geosynthetics. It is often used as reinforcement material for reinforced soil structures or reinforcement material for composite materials, etc.
Geogrids are divided into four categories: plastic geogrids, steel-plastic geogrids, glass fiber geogrids and polyester warp-knitted polyester geogrids. Geogrid is a two-dimensional grid or three-dimensional grid screen with a certain height made of polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride and other polymers by thermoplastic or molding, when used as civil engineering, it is called geogrid.

Sichuan Rongyu road construction new material Co., Ltd., located in Chengdu, the beautiful land of abundance, is an enterprise engaged in the development and production of geosynthetics; It is a member of "China geosynthetics Engineering Association" and has passed the ISO9001 quality system certification at one time.
The main products of the company include: ecological bags, plastic geogrids, steel plastic geogrids, unidirectional tensile geogrids, double tensile geogrids, glass fiber geogrids, warp knitted polyester geogrids, geotextiles, filament geotextiles, composite geomembranes, environmental friendly HDPE geomembranes, waterproof boards, tunnel waterproof boards, composite waterproof / drainage boards, flexible pervious pipes, perforated bellows, plastic blind ditches, blind boards, geocells, perforated geocells Geosynthetics such as three-dimensional geotextile mats, bentonite blankets, anti crack stickers, etc.
The company has successively won the certificates of qualified units of national product quality supervision and random inspection, national consumer satisfaction enterprises, national enterprises with excellent testing quality and national qualified products with stable quality. It is a large geosynthetics production base in the western region. At present, the company is committed to the research, development and production of geosynthetics. Its main products have been widely used in the construction fields of railways, highways, airports, water conservancy, electric power, mines, ports, garbage disposal sites, such as soft foundation reinforcement, reinforcement, slope protection, waterproof drainage, greening, etc. The annual production capacity is 68million square meters of geogrid, 26million square meters of composite geomembrane, 65million square meters of geotextile, 35million square meters of waterproof board (geomembrane), 15million square meters of bentonite waterproof blanket, 12million square meters of three-dimensional network, 6million meters of plastic blind ditch, 20million meters of flexible permeable pipe, 10million square meters of composite waterproof board and 12million square meters of composite drainage network.
Adhering to the corporate culture of "respecting heaven and loving people", and adhering to the service tenet of "thinking more for you and doing better for you", the company has won the trust of customers with its products and services for many years. Various geotechnical materials produced are widely used in national and local large and medium-sized water conservancy, power, railways, highways, tailings dams, landfills, environmental protection, greening, artificial lakes, land consolidation and other projects, It has been unanimously recognized by the engineering community and users.


Ming Wang



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