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Geely Series - Turbocharger


The turbocharger has five main advantages.
1、Increase the engine lift power. In the case of unchanged engine displacement can be increased by increasing the intake density, so that the engine can spray more oil, thereby increasing the power of the engine, after the addition of supercharger engine power and torque to increase 20% to 30%. Conversely, in the same power output requirements can reduce the bore of the engine, reducing the size and weight of the engine.
2、Improve the engine emissions. Turbocharger engine by improving the combustion efficiency of the engine, reduce the engine exhaust in the emission of particulate matter and nitrogen oxides and other harmful components. It is an indispensable configuration for diesel engines to meet Euro II emission standards and above.
3、Provides the function of plateau compensation. Part of the high altitude areas, the higher the altitude, the thinner the air, the engine with turbocharger can overcome the power loss of the engine caused by the thin air of the plateau.
4、Improve fuel economy and reduce fuel consumption. As the engine with turbocharger has better combustion performance, it can save 3%-5% of fuel.
5、High reliability and good matching characteristics, high transient response characteristics.

Principle of construction
First of all, the general structure of the turbocharger principle, the exhaust gas turbocharger mainly consists of a pump wheel and turbine, of course, there are some other control elements. The pump wheel and the turbine are connected by a shaft, the rotor, and the exhaust gas from the engine drives the pump wheel, which drives the turbine, which then turns and pressurises the air intake system. The turbocharger is installed on the exhaust side of the engine, so the working temperature of the turbocharger is very high, and the rotor speed of the turbocharger at work is very high, up to more than 100,000 revolutions per minute, such a high speed and temperature makes the common mechanical needle roller or ball bearing can not work for the rotor, so the turbocharger is generally used in full floating bearings, lubricated by oil, and coolant for the turbocharger for cooling. Previously, turbochargers were mostly used on diesel engines, as petrol and diesel engines burn differently, so the form of turbocharger used on the engine differs. Petrol engines are different from diesel engines in that it is not air that enters the cylinder, but a mixture of petrol and air, which can easily burst into flames with too much pressure. It is therefore essential that turbochargers are installed to avoid deflagration, and two related issues are involved here, one being high temperature control and the other ignition timing control.
With forced supercharging, the temperature and pressure during compression and combustion of the petrol engine increases and the propensity for deflagration increases. In addition, the gasoline engine exhaust temperature than the diesel engine, and should not be used to increase the valve overlap angle (intake and exhaust valve opening time at the same time) to strengthen the exhaust cooling, reduce the compression ratio and will cause inadequate combustion. In addition, the speed of the gasoline engine is higher than that of the diesel engine, air flow changes, it is easy to cause the turbocharger response lag. In response to a series of problems arising from the use of turbochargers in petrol engines, engineers have made targeted improvements to make exhaust gas turbochargers available for petrol engines.

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