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GSI introduces unprecedented AI-powered EA trading system for Forex


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, people worldwide have been using the forex market to make up for lost income, causing a 50% spike in daily participants and 300% daily trading volume in the foreign exchange market. Extensive growth like this is sporadic for the forex industry, as the average daily forex trading volume increased by no more than 40% over the past decade.

Working from home is also one reason behind the rise of forex traders, as workers will have more time to focus on trading. But the forex market can be very demanding for patience, self-discipline, and trading strategies. Regardless of their experience, traders can lose money on the market for lacking any of the three factors mentioned above.

How the invention of EA trading changed the way we trade

Based on available data, about 90% of all retail traders lose money by trading forex, and there are multiple reasons why they lose money, from poor risk management to inconsistent trading plan, any sane trader would never want to risk their assets by jumping into the forex market without any trading tool to assist them.

And that is precisely why EA trading system becomes popular in the market. EA (Expert Advisor) is essentially a trading robot programme created by traders to automate open buy or open sell on the forex market based on a specific set of algorithm scripted by its creator. Other traders can also use the same EA programme to implement trading strategies designed by other professional traders and profit from their trading strategies.

The invention of EA was a big stepping stone for more traders to enter the forex market, but there are also other downsides associated with using EA trading robots. For instance, EA trading robots can only operate based on how they were originally programmed, putting them at a disadvantage in non-trending markets and sudden market movements.

Like any other markets in the financial world, the forex market can be influenced by many factors such as international politics and news events, and traders can suffer significant losses if their EA did not have the flexibility to respond to these market fluctuations.

Resolving inflexibility and bottleneck of EA trading

In view of EA trading’s weaknesses, a forex fund management company called Golden Scope Investment Solutions (GSI) has recently announced the launch of an artificial intelligent-powered EA trading system named GTBOT-3. According to GSI, its research and development team developed GTBOT-3 because of the recent advancement in AI technology and the ever-changing forex market, which inspired them to fuse AI and EA.

EA trading itself can be a saviour to forex traders because it saves traders’ time through automation, but EA’s complexity and lack of flexibility can be barriers to entry for beginners to start trading, and GSI’s GTBOT-3 is designed to address those obstacles.

GSI’s exclusive AI algorithm is geared with powerful machine learning ability and lightning-speed analysis performance, it can allow investors to achieve stable profit through big data analysis, quantity modelling, and predictive analytics.

Besides cutting-edge analytic ability, GTBOT-3 is also capable of picking a suitable EA trading bot according to different market trends and sudden fluctuations, thus eliminating traditional EA trading’s inflexibility, and dramatically improving trading automation and efficiency.

It will also give investors access to the same information as large investment firms and empower them to be a real participant in the forex market as well as taking away the guesswork out of forex trading and ultimately give investors a low-risk stable-income investment experience.

About GSI:

Golden Scope Investment Solutions is a company that provides diversified forex fund management services to high-net-worth individuals and professional investors. The group boasts a team of experienced professionals from the forex industry and a forex trading system developed by its R&D experts. Through the team’s twenty years of industry experience, the company has established itself as a major player in the online financial sector, making it one of the largest forex managers worldwide.

GSI is regulated by the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (FINTRAC-MSB), an independent body that reports to the Canadian Department of Finance.

Contact Information:

Company name: Golden Scope International Ltd.

Contact: E. Donavan

Email: enquiry@gsfxtrade.com

Website: www.gsfxtrade.com

Phone: +1416 43439086

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