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GAME.ARTS received a US$30 million investment from a well-known U.S. blockchain organization

2021-01-15 WN

On January 14th, GAMEARTS.LTD announced that it had received a US$30 million investment from a well-known U.S. blockchain organization. This financing is mainly used for GAMEARTS.LTD's global 5G cloud game layout and cloud storage research and development in 2021. With the help of this investment, GAMEARTS.LTD will obtain more overseas high-quality resources, including technology, market, capital and many other aspects.


The reason why GAMEARTS.LTD has won the favor of a well-known American blockchain organization is that GAMEARTS.LTD caused a sensation in the blockchain industry and media circles in the United States at the end of 2020, and also proved the smooth development of GAMEARTS.LTD's globalization strategy and the booming development of overseas communities of GAMEARTS.LTD.


In recent years, there have been two hot areas. One is that blockchain games have gradually become mature applications. The innovation of the underlying public chain represented by ETH, the upgrade of NFT protocol, and the worldwide popularization of blockchain technology make the blockchain game field usher in an explosion of demand. The other is blockchain cloud storage applications represented by IPFS. What GAMEARTS.LTD is doing is to combine these two fields and make virtual assets wear glasses and brains (i.e., GOLDHD intelligent system) to become a real intelligent robot, bringing industry solutions for games, entertainment, athletics and cloud storage. GAMEARTS.LTD aims to create a decentralized high-quality data transfer platform that helps the chain game industry to obtain training data simply and quickly through smart contracts, and through this economic incentive method, solves the pain points of the chain game industry's difficulty in obtaining high-quality data.


In 2021, GAMEARTS.LTD will further implement the globalization strategy, continue to make unremitting efforts for the popularization and development of blockchain and chain game industry, and commit to promoting the development of the chain game industry with blockchain technology, and help the era of blockchain & chain game to come soon!

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