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Esko Kongsberg Round Shank Cutting Knife


Wide range of applications :
Used in the paper, paper converting, tape products, film, wire and cable, rubber, aluminium foil, non-manufacturing fabrics, laminated packaging materials, chemical fibres, telecommunications and electrical appliances, cigarettes, leather, printing, food and garment industries. Hardness Guarantee:Raw materials are heat treated and vacuum treated for higher hardness. Heat treatment in our own factory to ensure product stability. Sharp cutters:The cutters are sharp, smooth, pointed and durable. Imported precision machining equipment can process a variety of non-standard products to ensure the accuracy of the products.

Excellent Choice: All products are made of high-quality carbide manufacturing technology to meet various needs of customers. Manufactured using a heat treatment process to make the blade, sharp and easy to use, with strong tool hardness and sturdiness. Quality inspection: Every product that leaves the factory has been strictly tested. Integrity management: Strict quality, inspection and quality assurance, real safety guarantee. After-sales improvement and timely delivery, comprehensive service supports customization, installation, disassembly and cleaning Be careful while avoiding the sharp edge of the product to avoid bumps.  

Sichuan Slida Precision Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. was established on 18/01/2018. Legal representative Cen Suying, the company's business scope includes: carbide products, metal products, alloy products, aluminum products, plastic products, tungsten steel blades, alloy blades, metal ceramic blades, metal cutting inserts R & D, production, processing, sales; mechanical equipment and spare parts, moulds, hardware products, metal tools sales; general goods and technology import and export, etc.


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