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Engine Cleaning Oil


The engine cleaning oil is harmful to the engine. The long-term use of the engine cleaning oil has the following effects: 1. Damage to the seals and cylinder block inside the engine; 2. It affects the composition balance of the engine oil and makes the engine oil performance worse. The functions of engine cleaning oil are as follows: 1. It can efficiently clean the carbon, gum and other harmful substances inside the engine; 2. Neutralize long-term harmful acid substances generated inside the engine; 3. Clean the crankcase PVC valve; 4. Prevent the mixing of new and old engine oil, remove the sludge and oil film formed by old engine oil, so as not to reduce the performance of new engine oil; 5. Clean the valve tappets and the hydraulic tappets.

The functions of engine cleaning oil are as follows: 1. Remove the gum and sludge deposits in the engine lubricating oil circuit, restore the cleanness of the oil circuit, improve the lubricating effect, reduce friction, and improve the power of the vehicle; 2. Clean the valve hydraulic components, restore the elasticity of the piston ring, reduce engine noise, and reduce the loss of lubricating oil; 3. Reduce exhaust emissions, reduce air pollution, and extend the life of three-way catalyst. The role of the engine is to convert the heat energy of gasoline and diesel into mechanical energy by expanding the gas after burning in the sealed cylinder. The engine maintenance methods are: 1. Use qualified engine oil; 2. Use qualified coolant and antifreeze; 3. Clean water tank scale regularly; 4. Clean the carbon deposit on the engine regularly; 5. Regularly replace the automobile triple filter; 6. Maintain a reasonable speed.

Founded in 2012, Chengdu qianzhen Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the R & D, sales and service of automobile lubricating oil, antifreeze and maintenance products. Headquartered in Chengdu, Sichuan.
The company's main products are nearly 100 kinds of products in three categories, covering the fields of vehicle lubricating oil, engine coolant, oil additives, in-depth maintenance, automobile beauty, car paint maintenance, machine repair consumables and so on.
With its excellent R & D capability, the company's technology R & D center exports a large number of innovative products every year to provide the most cutting-edge technology and product innovation services for the automobile maintenance and automobile beauty market.
In 2020, the company will build a new branch in North China, extend advanced R & D technology and efficient productivity to North China, and help the vigorous development of the automotive aftermarket with better service.
In order to ensure stable product quality and environmental friendliness, the company has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification.


Andong Liu



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