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Economical Combination Freezer


First, the structural characteristics of the island cabinet
There are basically two kinds of island cabinets, divided into a single outlet and double outlet, are by reducing the temperature inside the cabinet, and then prevent the growth of bacteria inside the cabinet, so that they can not be active, to achieve the role of preservation. General supermarket inside the island cabinet is used to put frozen food and fresh meat food, you say frozen dumplings, frozen buns such. Island cabinet and other general kind of freezer ah freezer ah compared to this still has its own superiority, a lot of different places.
Island cabinet using the new "T" design, so that the plane display area is larger, you can easily display more products; and the whole machine also uses the bottom of the air-cooled oversized condenser, to better achieve the function of the switch, in has been plagued by many freezer business frost problem, using a new design, the design of an independent Drainage system, this system to achieve the function of independent defrost, the perfect solution to the problem of frost. At the same time, the island cabinet using increased evaporator design, improve the heat transfer efficiency, so that the island cabinet cabinet cooling faster, lower temperature; using improved air duct structure, wind curtain insulation effect is good, cooling super fast, the cabinet temperature more uniform, and because of the good insulation effect, lower energy consumption, saving electricity expenses for users, equivalent to saving operating costs.

Second, the use of island cabinets precautions
1、by the transport of the island cabinet should be placed more than two hours before power, power two hours after the food can be placed. Put into the island cabinet cabinet food should be placed evenly, and should leave a cold air circulation gap.
2、Island cabinet if not used for a long time, should cut off the power, keep the cabinet clean and dry.
3、should often pay attention to the operation of the equipment, such as the discovery of abnormalities in a timely manner to check, major problems should ask professionals to overhaul, and timely contact with the business maintenance department.
4、the island cabinet power supply must be dedicated line power supply, socket reliable grounding. When the power supply voltage fluctuations, should be installed with more than 5 times the power of the whole machine voltage regulator.
5、the island cabinet condenser should be cleaned every three months, cleaning should be cut off the power supply, and then use compressed air blowing flush, when the condenser surface dust accumulation is more, to use water to flush thoroughly, with water flushing water to avoid wetting other electrical components.

1、the combination of low temperature island cabinet
Combination of island cabinet using direct cooling refrigeration, temperature requirements are lower, very suitable for supermarkets for freezing food, now the freezer market, supermarkets use the horizontal freezer commonly used temperature control between -10 degrees to -18 degrees, can be fully frozen ingredients to ensure the freshness of the ingredients, will not spoil the phenomenon of decay.
2、to extend the food preservation freezing time
Combination of island cabinet with good temperature control and refrigeration effect, can be based on the original food freshness period can greatly extend the food freshness period, so that customers can choose to buy fresh and healthy non-polluting health ingredients, but we must also remember not to put the food into the cooler can be all right, we use this combination of island cabinet is generally used to freeze some meat, dumplings, dumplings and other such food But we must remember not to freeze storage for a long time, time, the food itself will be a lot of nutrients loss, food will also deteriorate, affecting the sale of food.
3、combination of island cabinets to save space
Combination of island cabinets, using a combination of design, the combination of several island cabinets put together, not only save a lot of space, but also increase the display effect, like supermarkets are to have a large space display effect, a spacious and comfortable shopping environment, so as to attract more customers, improve customer desire to buy, mainly by making full use of the limited space, better display of goods, to facilitate customers to buy goods.

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