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EVENT|BitCherry Testnet “DApp Development Contest” Officially Launched

2021-01-08 medium.com

BitCherry, as the world’s first technology-based services to IPv8, distributed business expansion can provide blockchain infrastructure, formally launched on December 24, released a beta version v1.0.1 network, the first phase of the main features include transfer transaction, smart contract deployment, and multi-currency transfer and query. Meanwhile, BitCherry issued the “10 million BCHC Developer Program”. To recruit outstanding test developers, developers users can participate in the BitCherry network test environment, and released by BitCherry developer task, win up to 10 million BCHC.

In the development process of blockchain technology from concept to application landing, the development of decentralized application DApp is an important criterion for testing whether a public chain has a future development. To ensure the BitCherry main network boot can provide for the development in terms of performance, user experience a stable, easy to use DApp development, operation environment, BitCherry open the second round of the developers task-based testing network — “DApp development contest.”


✅ DATE & TIME: 1 January — 28 February 2021 (GMT + 8)


1. Fill in the entry form, individuals, or teams (unlimited number) can sign up

(Chinese Channel) Registration Address: Http://Bc181818.Mikecrm.Com/Psulpkw

(Overseas Channel) Registration Address: https://forms.gle/j3VpNNhEhvZueptXA

2. After submitting the application form, the official will confirm the qualification with the applicants

3. After the qualification is confirmed, the participants should submit the design specification of lightweight DApp, and then formally enter the development phase.


Smart Contract Development Tutorial:

Test Token Collection Address:

Browser: http://blockscan.bitcherry.io/#/home


(Note: Participants can freely form teams or exchange discussions in the BitCherry developer community for collaborative development.)

1. There is no limit to the types of DApp. Participants can refer to popular DApp applications for design and development inspiration or develop unique DApp.
2. Make sure that DApp functions can be used easily, and a simple, clear, and attractive DApp UI will be regarded as the highlight.
3. DApp development specification should comply with BitCherry development specification.
4. DApp needs to be developed and deployed based on BitCherry v1.0.1.
5. All the submissions need to be tested and run stably in the BitCherry enterprise environment under the application scenario.

1. Develop DApp with API interface and development tools provided by BitCherry.
2. The testnet v1.0.1 version supports the Solidness development language.

Participants are required to develop according to the DApp design plan. After the development is completed, the development documents shall be submitted to Pr within the specified time (up to February 20) to the Technical Team Email: bitcherrydapp@bitcherry.io

It is suggested to name the development document as
“Project Name — Development Stage — Development Document”.

The competition judging committee will be composed of BitCherry’s technology development team. The winning works collection will be judged from the following dimensions: completion level, innovation level, user experience and technical framework.

The results will be published on the following platforms
BitCherry Community: t.me/BitCherryDevelopersGroupEN
Discord Developer Community: https://discord.gg/nNY9A9tn2D
Twitter: twitter.com/BitCherryGlobal

Best Application Award
Top 1: 2000 USDT Equivalent BCHC
Top2: 1000 USDT Equivalent BCHC
Top3: 800 USDT Equivalent BCHC

Best Design Award
1500 USDT Equivalent BCHC

If you are willing to participate in the development of BitCherry’s ecosystem and hope to create economic and social value with blockchain technology, or if you are innovative and have a unique business vision to develop a feasible blockchain application, do not miss this DApp development competition.

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