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EVA Flashing


Waterproof board production process adopts advanced two co-extrusion method of single pile of extruder production, from raw material resin EVA join strengthening agent, antioxidant, through heat melting and plasticizing, extrusion forming, traction after the formation of the plate, can also be used to wear condole belt of geotextiles (signal) thermal synthesis, form a composite waterproof board, extrusion calendering method may be adopted, the resin plasticizing extruder melting, The fused billet extruded from the slit die mouth of the machine head is integrated with the sling, and then cooled into light film by simple calendering, or integrated with the geotextile wearing the sling, and cooled into composite waterproof sheet by mixing calendering.
Mainly used for new railway, highway, municipal road, light rail transportation construction (including bridge deck, tunnel), roof, underground engineering waterproof, water conservancy construction, sewage treatment engineering, landfill engineering, chemical acid and alkali treatment tank and other environmental protection engineering impermeable and corrosion resistant liner use.

1.Strength -- under the same gram weight specification, the tensile strength in all directions is higher than that of other needle-punched non-woven fabrics.
2.Anti-ultraviolet light - has a very high anti-ultraviolet ability.
3.Extreme high temperature resistance - high temperature resistance up to 230℃, high temperature still maintain the integrity of the structure and the original physical properties.
4.Permeability and plane drainage -- the waterproof plate is thick and pinprick shaped, with good plane drainage and vertical water permeability, and can still maintain this performance after many years.
5.Creep resistance - waterproof board creep resistance is better than other geotextiles, so good long-term performance. It can withstand the erosion of common chemicals in the soil and the corrosion of gasoline, diesel, etc.
6.Ductility - waterproof plate has a good elongation under a certain stress, so that it can adapt to the uneven irregular base surface.

Chengdu TIande Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Chengdu, the land of abundance, is a professional engaged in geosynthetics research and development, production of enterprises, is the "China geosynthetics Engineering Association" member units, and one-time S09001 quality system certification.
The company's main business: building decoration materials research and development: needled cotton, sprayed cotton, clothing accessories, building materials, geotextile, geomembrane, waterproof board, anti-crack paste, permeable pipe, three-dimensional vegetation network, glass tube, drainage board, water stop strip, plastic products production, processing and sales; Waterproof engineering, environmental protection engineering, building decoration engineering, landscaping engineering construction; Sales: Machinery and equipment, waterproof coatings, etc.
Enterprise management: Always adhere to the "heart, diligent, specializing in quality" business philosophy, always adhere to the "quality first, reputation first" quality policy. Customer satisfaction is the goal of our work.
Excellent product quality, reasonable product price, is the consistent pursuit of Tiande people. We cherish every opportunity to cooperate with you, your demand is the direction of our efforts. Looking forward to your inquiry!


Chen Qingchun



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