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DAA Token has successfully listed on WhiteBit Exchange

2020-12-31 Buffalonews

Congratulations to Double Ace who has successfully launched their DAA token at the Whitebit Exchange on Dec 30.

The token presale was completed with an overwhelming response and has been way oversubscribed.

Our next milestone will be the launching of the Crypto Savings Module on our Platform this coming 1 February. Users who register on our platform are able to receive referral bonus of $0.50 worth of DAA token for every referral who signs up and completes KYC. Accumulate the DAA token by referring your friends and family now.  Stay tuned for more updates on our latest developments at our social media channels.

Double Ace will like to thank all its members, community, supporters and anyone who has contributed, for making the listing an overwhelming success.

For more details: https://doubleace.io

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