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Cross Pocket Bottom Container Bag


Container bag full name flexible container bag, also known as large bags, tons of packaging bags, is a soft, bendable packaging containers, is made of collapsible rubber coated fabric, resin processing cloth and other soft materials made of large volume of the transport bag. It is generally made of polypropylene or polyethylene as the main raw material, extruded into a film, cut, drawn, and then woven, cut and sewn. The use of this packaging, not only to improve loading and unloading efficiency, especially suitable for bulk powdered goods packaging, and help promote the specification of bulk goods packaging, serialization, reduce transport costs, but also has the advantages of easy packaging, storage and low cost. It is especially suitable for mechanized operation, ideal for storage, packaging and transportation, and can be widely used for packaging of cement, fertilizer, salt, sugar, chemical raw materials, ore and other bulk materials for road, rail and sea transportation. Therefore, in recent years, the world has been widely used in the use of container bags to transport powdery goods. The emergence and use of bags, is a qualitative revolution in the way of powder cargo shipment.

The characteristics of the container bag
1. Sufficient strength in the structure, easy to fill and unload operation, adapt to mechanized loading and unloading, rather than manual operation. Operators use cranes or forklifts to move goods, improving efficiency.
2. The barrier of the raw material of the container bag is good, and the structural sealing is also good, moisture, debris, dust is not easy to mix in, the protection of the product is good. And light, soft, high strength, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, moisture-proof, no leakage, suitable for packaging powder, flakes, granular solid products, easy to transport and storage.
3. No need to repackage, compared with other packaging, the bags generally do not need a pallet, greatly saving the cost of packaging.
4. The bag can be folded flat, bundle transport to the end user and folded after unloading, only to occupy a very small storage space, and the general 1 t goods with the bag weighs only 3.5 ~ 4.5 kg, therefore, the use of the bag is more convenient and economic.
5. Container bags can generally be customized according to the special needs of the end user, including the size of the bag body and the upper and lower material mouth, the style of the sling, the specifications of the base fabric, whether to be coated, whether to be inside the bag, etc.. It can also be designed according to the characteristics of the product.
Use of container bag: loading, loading, storage, unloading
Cross pocket bottom container bag: upper small mouth, upper large mouth, lower flat bottom, lower small mouth; can bear 1 ton; suitable for loading: chemical products / agricultural products / sand and gravel, etc.

Xingyang Plastic Products Co., Ltd. is an advanced enterprise specializing in the production of container bags (fibc). Founded in 2010, we focus on the research, development and manufacturing of container bags (FIBC). We provide reliable, cost-effective, customized products and services to every high-end customers in the world. The production categories are: Anti-static container bag, leakproof moisture-proof container bag, stretching container bag, for chemical, mineral, food, medicine, agriculture and other industries to provide efficient packaging solutions, deeply loved by all customers and rely on.
Our main core business is the research, development, production and sales of container bags. We provide reliable, cost-effective and customized products and services to global medium and high-end customers, with conventional container bags and anti-static container bags as the main products, providing reliable packaging solutions for industries including chemical, mineral, food, pharmaceutical intermediates, agriculture, etc.
Diversified container bag solutions can be customized on demand for different markets and applications, and Xing Yang has years of accumulated expertise and design experience. With a design and sales team of over 50 people, we continue to design and recommend more reasonable products for you.


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