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Cotton Plain Printed Bleached Dyed Cloth


A fabric made of plain weave is called plain weave or plain weave. Plain cloth means that the warp and weft are interwoven at every other yarn (i.e. the yarn is one up and one down). This kind of cloth is characterized by interweaving points, fast texture, scraping, flat surface, relatively thin and light wear resistance, good air permeability.
According to the thickness of the warp and weft yarn used, it can be divided into coarse plain cloth, medium plain cloth and fine plain cloth.
1. Coarse plain cloth, also known as coarse cloth, mostly with pure cotton coarse yarn woven. It is characterized by rough and thick cloth body, cloth cotton knot impurities more, fast and durable. Market coarse cloth is mainly used as clothing interlining. In mountainous rural areas, coastal fishing villages also useful market coarse cloth to do shirts, quilt. Dyed material for clothing and trousers.
2. The flat cloth is also known as city cloth, the market is also known as white city cloth, with special cotton yarn or viscose yarn, cotton viscose yarn, polyester yarn weaving. It is characterized by a tight structure, flat and plump cloth surface, solid texture, feel hard. Market flat cloth is mainly used as bed cloth, lining cloth also used as shirts, pants, sheets. Medium plain cloth is mostly used as bleached cloth, color cloth, gray cloth. After processing for clothing cloth, etc.
3. Fine plain cloth, also known as muslin, is made of fine cotton yarn, viscose yarn, cotton viscose yarn, poly-cotton yarn and so on. It is characterized by thin and soft cloth body, thin and compact texture, cloth surface impurities. Muslin on the market is mainly used as flat cloth. Muslin is mostly used as bleached cloth, color cloth, gray cloth. After processing, it is used as underwear, pants, summer outerwear, smocks and other fabrics.

Plain cloth features
1.The basic characteristics of plain cloth is the use of plain weave organization, yarn in the fabric interweaving points, so that the fabric is crisp and firm, better wear resistance than other fabrics of the same specification, high strength.
2.The cloth surface is uniform and the front and back sides are the same.
3.In the same specifications, compared with other fabrics the thinnest.
4.The fabric is not easy to wear, anti-hook wire performance is good.

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Luo Yongzhong


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