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CLOWN TOKEN strike with overwhelming power!

2021-01-16 Defi speaker

CLOWN Token is created by several game enthusiasts in Singapore and South Korea, combining the rules of DEFI and using the characteristics of ERC-20. It mainly solves the simple technical applications of point-to-point substitution, offset and guarantee in the game field of DEFI world. Because the initial application is mainly docking chess and card casual games, his name uses the head of the big ghost of poker. CLOWN Token 110 W in total It is divided into three parts: 1. Leisure chess and cards 40w 2. Professional chess and cards 30w 3. Mining 40w Each part is followed by a 30:30:30 trajectory. 30% Crowdfunding, 30% UniSwap, 30 In-App Experience

Project Features

 1. The project was listed on the uniswap exchange at 9:30 on December 29, 2020, and the crowdsourcing ended at any time. To dispel doubts about whether to go to the exchange.

 2. The exchange price is 1:300, and the crowdsourcing price is 1:400 (to be discussed separately, according to the market environment). 3. Ecological application landing is simple, first of all, build chess and card test scenarios. 

4. CLOWN Token 110 W in total 

5. It is divided into three parts: * Part I, Leisure Chess and Card 40w * Part II, Professional Chess and Card 30w : Part III, mining category 40w

6. Each part is experienced by 40% crowdfunding, 30% UniSwap, and 30 apps following the 40:30:30 trajectory 

7. The first part of leisure chess and cards launched 40w, 40% of crowdsourcing is 16w, 12w Uni, 12w experience 8. In order to maintain a healthy operation, all crowdsourcing addresses are limited to 0.1 e-0.3 e. (0.1 recommended) Crowdfunding Address * * * 0 x080aA2e8ebE088ff588E474f9c0CbcF4Eb53FCd0 Contract Address * * * 0 x98d76b1d2b6d6efe64545c0d14f9660e2f1572ec

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