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CBX and CRex signed a global digital community agreement

2020-12-29 Universal Television

Recently, Crypto Battle (CBX) and CRex signed a cooperation agreement for the construction of a digital ecology and co-prosperity. The agreement was signed on the basis of the full trust and future goals of both parties and for long-term development strategic considerations, they decided to join forces and work together for a win-win situation. With excellent project concepts and future visions, and in the spirit of "reciprocity, mutual benefit, efficiency and win-win", both parties will form a deep digital ecological community to jointly build a highly competitive, technical and ecologically sound crypto-digital system by integrating cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain, internet, biometrics and AI.


With the birth and development of a series of new technologies represented by blockchain, the Internet is being upgraded from the traditional information Internet era into the 5G digital value interconnection era, and blockchain is the core technology that drives the establishment and development of the value Internet and digital economy. Crypto Battle (CBX) will break the deadlock of data protection loopholes, dedicate to guaranteeing the security and privacy of users' communication, assets, transactions, identity, data and other aspects, building a public chain to serve the future crypto digital economy society, and carrying a perfect blockchain ecosystem including digital assets, digital identity, digital social and digital entertainment.

CRex - the world's top digital currency trading platform, is a subsidiary of and a wholly owned by China Resources Assets, registered in the global financial centre --London, UK, with a top-notch structure and vision to build a global digital industry ecology.Based on building a strong underlying public chain network, CRex is grasping this development opportunity and leading the way for the future of digital exchanges.


This time, the CBX and CRex reached a joint construction of a symbiotic and co-prosperous ecosystem, carrying out a comprehensive docking of cutting-edge technology and global resources and tackling global markets and top business models from global energy, minerals, Internet finance and the strong combination of multi-body listed companies, so that coins and shares with the same rights, the digitalization of traditional industries become the new normal of the digital economy that is put into practice, forming a multi-industry cluster digital business community. The battle for the crypto business sea is unstoppable in the future.You can download the URL:www.crex.money

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