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Box-type Substation


Box-type substation is suitable for residential district, urban public transformer, urban prosperous area, building power supply, mine, factory, oil and gas field and wind power station, city network transformation high-rise building apartment, air port, station dock, school, a mine enterprise and other places. Users can choose box-type transformer according to different use conditions and load level. Box-type substation has developed very rapidly since its birth, accounting for 70% of distribution transformers in developed countries in Europe and 90% in the United States. As the box-type station arranges most of the distribution devices in the closed box, the insulation distance between the parts is greatly reduced through optimal design and reasonable combination, which reduces the floor space and space. Generally it takes only a few days from installation to operation, and the installation process is greatly simplified and the workload is greatly reduced, which not only shortens the construction cycle but also saves the construction cost.

Box-type substation, also known as prefabricated substation or prefabricated substation. Its investment is reduced by about 40% compared with conventional substations of the same scale; fundamentally solves the problem of equipment leakage in conventional substations; the structure is more compact and the combination mode is flexible and versatile; the internal materials are completely enclosed in the box, the shell materials are well anti-corrosive, the whole station can realize oil-free operation and high safety; the factory prefabricated indoor and outdoor compact power distribution equipment, the high-voltage switchgear, distribution transformers and Low-voltage distribution devices are arranged according to certain wiring scheme, i.e.: transformer step-down function and low-voltage distribution function are organically combined and installed in a fully enclosed, movable steel structure box that is moisture-proof, rust-proof, dust-proof, rat-proof, fire-proof, anti-theft and heat-proof, which is especially suitable for urban power grid construction and transformation. It is a new type of substation that appears after the civil substation. It replaces the original civil distribution room and distribution station and becomes a new set of substation equipment.

Shanxi Yikai Electric Co., Ltd. is a joint-stock enterprise integrating engineering design, development and manufacturing, electric power installation and product sales. The main products are high and low voltage switchgear, pre-assembled substations, power switchgear, power busbar bridges and engineering design power installation. After years of efforts and development, the company's products have a certain popularity in coal, metallurgy, chemical, electric power and construction industries. With a group of excellent engineers and technicians and high-quality production staff, we have strong technical force, complete manufacturing equipment and high-precision testing equipment. The company's products have passed the national mandatory CCC certification and obtained the IS09001 quality system certification. Sincerity, collaboration and common beliefs have created the corporate philosophy of Shaanxi Yikai Electric Co. To become a trustworthy and excellent enterprise is the long-cherished wish of Yikai Enterprise.


Huang Zili



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