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Blockchain’s Outstanding Platform HDAO to Create a New Era of Finance

2021-01-04 Buffalonews

Ever since the birth of Bitcoin in 2009, the development of the cryptocurrency industry has been advancing rapidly at an exponential rate. The price of Bitcoin 10 years ago did not even exceed 1 cent, and now, 10 years later, the value of Bitcoin has reached 28000 US dollars and continues to climb, setting new records everyday!

The increasing number of mainstream financial institutions that are collecting Bitcoin is proof that blockchain technology is not a dream, but instead will serve as a core technology in the coming decade. As the core technology for the future development, it has caused various blockchain platforms to emerge one after another. HDAO, the world’s leading financial ecosystem, will seamlessly innovate the decentralized development of blockchain. HDAO will no doubt be the no.1 platform for the future of blockchain industry.

HyperDAO strives to create a highly efficient, transparent, and achievable digital asset financial ecosystem, and serve as a one stop platform that satisfies the financial needs for all users. HyperDAO will transform all the current centralized business models into a decentralized model managed by community members. Through the implementation of decentralization and community governance, HyperDAO will take the first step in creating a truly decentralized community, and strive to realize transparency and autonomy in the decision making process.  

HyperDAO will create a perfect “DeFi” ecosystem to provide a complete decentralized financial infrastructure for users. DeFi (Decentralised Finance) at its core is an open, fair and interconnected concept. Based on HyperDAO’s DeFi system, HyperDAO aims to create an all new NFT Minting System by using NFTs to place physical assets on chain as collateral; Meanwhile, HyperDAO’s ecological platform can better verify and guarantee the service quality of the NFT Minting System to form a mutually beneficial collaboration.  

The smart contract is a complicated service constructed by HyperDAO. HyperDAO will use the distributed ledger and the aforementioned smart contract as a basis to create a financial service ecological platform that provides various products and services such as decentralized stablecoins, decentralized community crowdfunding, decentralized wallet, cloud exchange, market prediction, asset management, inclusive finance and electronic citizen information system.

The HyperDAO’s ecological system is a flexible yet complex network. In order to truly realize the decentralized financial platform era, HyperDAO will interweave all the stakeholders and systems together. The token holders on our ecosystem are our main decision makers. All the members on our ecosystem will be there to witness and promote the decentralized development of the platform by submitting proposals and voting on them, thus influencing the agreement’s development direction. They will be motivated by the decision-making and work with the team to develop and improve the HyperDAO ecosystem.

Through a borderless gateway, HyperDAO can truly tokenize real-world assets onto the blockchain. As all systems mature, the platform will slowly transition to a true community governance, and the NFT market will be launched immediately, enabling investors to freely trade NFT tokens. In the future, the ecosystem of HyperDAO will continue to develop and grow. As the era of blockchain has just begun, so is the era of HyperDAO just beginning. I believe HyperDAO will continue to climb to reach the pinnacle of the blockchain industry.

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