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Bitget Listed On CMC and Ranks 4th in Derivatives

2020-12-30 news.yahoo.com

Bitget recently listed on CoinMarketCap, the world's largest market website,  ranking 4th in derivatives. Up to now, Bitget has listed on more than ten global noted market websites such as CoinGecko and Nomics. On Cryptoadventure, a prominent European blockchain information platform, Bitget's overall score is 95 points, which is the same as Binance and OKEx.

As one of the world's largest derivatives trading platforms, Bitget provides cryptocurrency trading services for more than 1 million registered users worldwide. Bitget started its globalization and started penetrating overseas market in early 2020. Currently, Bitget has acquired USA MSB license, Canada MSB license and Australian DCE license. It is understood that Bitget currently supports online customer support in five languages, English, Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese and Japanese.

Compared with exchanges of same type, Bitget's product differentiation comes from multiple currencies and product features. Bitget supports more than 17 currency trading such as BTC, ETH, LTC, EOS, XTZ, etc. In terms of product features, Cross/Isolated Margin Mode, Flash Open/Close Positions, and Preset TP/SL can help users to manage trading risk and minimize losses.

In addition to its comprehensive product features, Bitget's technical strength is also a highlight. The self-developed contract system can ensure fast iterative update. At the same time, Bitget makes efforts to ensure the safety of users' assets by adopting dedicated and multi-signature and isolating hot wallet and cold wallet. For SSL Certificate, Bitget is the only exchange in the industry with 12 indicators reaching A +.

It is worth mentioning that Bitget launched its star product One Click to Copy Trade in May this year. This product is mainly for primary contract users and even for novices with no contract trading experience. After selecting traders on the APP, the system can automatically synchronize the opening/closing behaviors of traders by clicking follow, thus followers can make profit easily. Bitget has set 13 dimensions to help users select traders.

As a trader, not only can you get a 10% profit, but you can also get exposed to a million users in Bitget to enhance your personal visibility. New traders can receive 100USDT bonus and apply for 200,000 USDT strategic investment fund. With high-quality products and generous returns, Bitget has attracted more than 1,600 traders and KOL around the world to initiate orders. According to a report by the well-known American media Financial Content, Bitget is currently the world's largest cryptocurrency contract copy trade platform.

Bitget established in 2018 and headquarter located in Singapore, mainly supporting futures and spots, and ranks top 5 worldwide with its daily average trading volume. According to Coindesk, a blockchain media, Bitget has completed a US$10 million Series B financing in July this year, and is currently valued at $1 billion. Public information shows that its investors includes SNK, the world's top gaming company. SNK officially listed in KOSDAQ, South Korea, in May 2019, setting a record for the highest market value of overseas enterprises listed in South Korea.

Company Name: Bitget Trading Platform

Website: bitget.com

Contact: Jennifer

Email Address: bd@bitget.com

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