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BitCherry (BCHC) Official Launch the “All Spark Plan” to set up a Special Ecological Support Fund of US $10 million

2021-04-03 https://medium.com/bitcherryglobal/bitcherry-official-launch-the-all-spark-plan-to-set-up-a-special-ecological-support-f

On March 29, BitCherry (BCHC) officially launched the “All Spark Plan” to cultivate more valuable and potential blockchain business applications and enrich BitCherry’s distributed business ecosystem. BitCherry Distributed Business Ecological Fund also announced that it will officially invest 10 million US dollars in the development, competition, incubation, and investment of ecological projects, and provide financial, technical, and operational promotion support for developers.

“Spark is the soul of Transformers, and AllSpark is the source and destination of Transformers.”

BitCherry, as the world’s first distributed business infrastructure based on IPv8, is determined to become the “ AllSpark” in the blockchain world, and the “ AllSpark” also represents the diversity and sustainability of BitCherry’s future ecology. BitCherry will enable the development of distributed business applications through cohesive technology, community, and ecological resources, activate “ AllSpark” one after another, and create a young, dynamic, and infinite possible blockchain world. In this “ AllSpark Plan”, developers can deploy and run DAPP on BitCherry. We will evaluate top 10 according to the operation of the registered projects and give “Super Spark” incubation reward.

Registration Time: 29th March 2021 (GMT+8)

All projects rated as “Super Spark” will have the opportunity to obtain at least one of the following interests:

  • Investment opportunities of BitCherry Distributed Business Ecological Fund

  • Resource support of BitCherry distributed Eco-commerce

  • BitCherry global marketing matrix resource tilt

  • Project strategic operation / consulting analysis

In addition, BitCherry will provide financial support, technical support, dedicated strategy planning, resource support, team training and other comprehensive support for the selected Top 3 projects/teams. It includes:

  • Financial Support: Provide special funds and follow-up financial assistant for the project.

  • Technical Guidance: Help the project team to sort out the technical roadmap and all kinds of technical support.

  • Resource Support: Provide resource support of giant projects in BitCherry business ecological alliance and accelerate the application and landing of incubation projects in an all-around way.

  • Construct Content Matrix: Through the BitCherry global content matrix, we help the project carry out brand promotion, obtain users and establish a global community.

Project developers are invited to visit the BitCherry website(www.bitcherry.io) Register or submit your application through the registration link below.

Registration Form: https://forms.gle/CEKC9PK2vsGf2JQ57

Scoring Rules: The “AllSpark Plan” will pay more attention to the construction of BitCherry ecological infrastructure, so the following track projects are more likely to get bonus points in the final scoring: DeFi applications, games, auction platform, distributed cloud computing, Oracle, derivatives trading, data services, etc.

Risk Warning:

1.BitCherry will only announce authorization, promotion, and other collaborations through the official social media platform. Developers and users should check carefully to avoid losses caused by false information.

2.All users and developers can participate in the test environment and subsequent stages of the BitCherry Chain for free, and there is no charging fee.

3.All users must distinguish the test environment from BitCherry Mainnet. The assets generated in the test environment do not have any value. Be aware of counterfeit currency fraud.

4.The official website is ( www.bitcherry.io ). Please be cautious with private key phishing.

5. All rights of the event are reserved by BitCherry.

Official Website: http://bit.ly/BitCherryOfficialWebsite

Twitter: http://bit.ly/BitCherryTwitter

Telegram: http://bit.ly/BitCherryTelegram

Discord: http://bit.ly/BitCherryDiscord

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