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Betfair and Arthur Holland foundation, Xinze capital, encryption asset research institute Jointly promote online sports gambling business

2020-12-29 Defi speaker

Every step is setting a new height, and Betfair is ushering in an important moment. On December 28, 2020, we officially become strategic partners with Arthur Holland foundation, Xinze capital and encryption asset research institute. We will jointly promote online sports gambling business.

As you all know, we are one of the largest gaming companies in the world. We have been established for more than 20 years. We are famous for efficient price feedback. We have a real gaming website where we quantify sports and other activities and allow others to build opposing models to bet on us.

Founded in 2009 and currently valued at $2 billion, Arthur Holland Is a leading incubator in the Netherlands. As of July 2019, it has incubated 37 startups with a total investment of more than $370 million. The VES Venus chain project, hatched by Arthur Holland Foundation, is a digital sports and entertainment platform on the global chain. Relying on the blockchain technology and decentralized promotion mechanism, it carries the value brought by consensus and entertainment alliance through VES Token and returns investors.

It is well known that the 2020 pandemic will have a strong and significant impact on the global economy. Sports betting is particularly affected by the industry. However, online sports betting has indeed come to a high point, with a group of "forward-looking" investors focusing their investment on the online sports betting and gaming industry. When many people stay at home and have nothing to do, online sports, games and gambling can help them disperse their pressure and relax their nerves in a short time, which contributes to the rapid development of online sports betting.

Blockchain technology can collect and integrate more accurate market information through a more transparent point-to-point network and improve the prediction level of sports betting. Users can predict market trends directly from the platform's centralized information without having to register accounts on multiple betting platforms.

Blockchain technology allows us to provide both real market odds and timestamped forecasts. Based on such more detailed information, investors can find the best odds, make more reliable decisions, make more efficient betting process, and improve the input-output ratio. Moreover, both real-time betting and cash withdrawals can be done directly through the punter's digital wallet.

In addition, the "socialisation" of sports betting is a trend. Making sports betting games as close to traditional social games as possible will make them more profitable. For example, to attract players to buy virtual items and virtual currency, improve their level, make friends, play mini-games, etc., and guide players to buy virtual services through this process. But that's not our strong suit. The entertainment platform on the VES chain relies on the seven asia-pacific communities, with a vast user system. So we have a partnership with Arthur Holland, a partnership between the strong and the weak.

This cooperation between us is of great significance to both sides. We regard this cooperation as an important part of the globalization strategy, which is an important step to promote the further development and sale of global online sports betting and lays a solid foundation for our in-depth cooperation in the future.

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