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Becoin, The Bellwether Of Cycle Trading

2021-03-04 Wall Street Finance Network

The digital currency industry is reshuffling in intensity.


Official data from Feixiaohao, a global professional big data platform of digital currency industry, showcases that the number of enterprises grounded on the digital currency has amounted over 100 thousand, ranging from exchanges to blockchain media, from quantitative platform to project side. Moreover, as this number is still rocketing, many a global investment institution and Internet tycoon have mapped out industries pertaining to blockchain, with a wide portfolio of new financial forms deriving from digital currency industry.

At the start of 2021,what’s most noteworthy, cyclical trading, actually a new quantitative platform model more stimulating than traditional counterpart, has emerged in the digital currency industry.

What is digital currency cycle trading?


On case of Becoin, a representative platform of cycle quantification, if an investor bets 10U for rise and chooses a cycle of 60 seconds; following 60 seconds, as long as the price of investor reaches over 52602.59, 5U will be immediately under his or her belt.

Mr. Kindness, global president of Becoin, a bellwether of global cyclical trading, says that the digital currency industry is doomed to undergo a year of survival of the fittest in 2021. On the one hand, in the first half of 2021, global business tycoons, like Musk’s continuous efforts of huge investment in the market and acquisitions attract envious market attention, but the number of troubled platforms also begins to take on a rising trend. As a matter of fact, although the threshold of digital currency industry intervention is very low, the practitioners are required to have certain professional ability if intending to make achievements since the digital currency is, essentially, the finance. Apart from that, numerous practitioners, destitute of basic financial understanding, find digital currency a sector with greatest investment potential and rush on like a swarm of hornets; therefore, they will be doomed to close down. 

In nutshell, digital currency cycle trading is a special option product: investors first choose an investment cycle and then bet rise or fall. As long as the price is over or under the target price in the wake of maturity, they can make a profit, with maximum of 50%. Barely a mobile phone and a compute will complete the transacion easily at home.

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