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Aggregators——Decentralized Aggregation Networks Boost Mining Efficiency


Today's global technology is changing more than you can imagine, the Blockchain decentralized network aggregator financial TRX-PNFT meta-universe ecology, chain tour development.

The way people earn money has been fundamentally changed and gaining wealth is very simple and easy

Silicon Valley North American Blockchain Promotion Association NABA in collaboration with the Preacher team launched the decentralized financial aggregator, using non-fixed ip mining technology to improve more mining revenue for global mining investors

How to earn more Tokens by participating in the aggregator?

The aggregator automatically switches IPs to increase mining machine mining, the more IPs aggregated, the more stable the mining machine network is the more efficient the mining production. Charge TRX to the aggregator, according to the corresponding level of TRX recharge, get the aggregator mining more to earn the corresponding TRX earnings as follows.

 Recharge 500TRX→10‰/day→dynamic aggregation 5 layer earnings

 Charge 3000TRX→9‰/day→dynamic poly 10 layer earnings

 Charge 5000TRX→8‰/day→dynamic gathering 20 layers of income

Recharge 10000TRX→7‰/day→Dynamic gathering 50 layers

Recharge 20000TRX→6‰/day→Dynamic gathering of 100 layers of income

Recharge 30000TRX→5‰/day→dynamic poly 200 layer gain

Dynamic no burn, take every day, according to the amount of recharge to get the corresponding layer of earnings, more to earn TRX earnings

Dynamic poly layer earnings.

1 layer 50%/day

2 layer 30%/day

3 layer 20%/day

4 layer 10%/day

5 layers 5%/day

Node contribution bonus: direct push 2% / time2-5 layers 1%/time

2-5 layers 1%/time

6-10 layers 5‰/time

11-20 layer 3‰/time

21-50 layer 1‰/time

51-100 layer 0.5‰/time

101-200 layers 0.3‰/time

When the earnings are obtained 2 times the top-up, repurchase the aggregator in order to continue to obtain earnings. Aggregator such a rich and real income for every financial investor, let's start the journey to freedom of wealth together.

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