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AOT Foundation came with AotaiEX

2020-08-25 AotaiEX

In recent years, blockchain, artificial intelligence, digital economy... Like bamboo shoots pouring into the public's vision after the rain, it has promoted the development and progress of the society step by step and achieved unexpected results.

Experts had made analysis: looking to the future, digital, intelligent economy will be the technical support of future human civilization, not only itself will bring trillions even tens of one hundred million yuan of investment demand, also help to promote the industrialization of digital economy, thus produce immeasurably superposition effect and multiplier effect, at the same time as the important development strategy in the coming decades, with a more benign development of the market.

The founder of AOT Foundation shares this view, so AOT, a Silicon Valley ai blockchain technology company, has set up AOT Foundation, a visualized AI blockchain platform focused on the development of ai blockchain operating system.

Meanwhile, the AOT Foundation has previously received approval from CIMA to support AOT's global legal and compliant operations, and has received millions of dollars from Strategic Capital, a Singapore-based blockchain venture capital fund.

As we all know, ethereum and EOS, two well-known blockchain projects in the world, have their fatal disadvantages: network congestion, high development cost, high technology threshold, high user threshold, intelligent contract security defects, etc., which cannot support the rapid development of blockchain technology and real economy, etc.

However, The AOT team will focus on the development of artificial intelligence blockchain operating system to reduce developer development costs and make it convenient for users to use. Everything is from the perspective of users and always user-centered.

AOT Foundation support AI - POC consensus mechanism integration IPFS storage technology at the same time, the chain of AOT public will introduce DBot Oracle predicted that machine, the original POC underlying technology, interoperability across chain technology, and through subdivision technology implementation must secondary high concurrency TPS, emphasize particularly on solve the artificial intelligence service (AIaaS) compatible with EVM entry of interoperability between intelligent contracts, to create a safe and reliable, high TPS can be real commercial block chain operating system.

AotaiEX Exchange was established by AOT Foundation and ecological resources were fully opened to partners to provide full chain support for R&D, investment, incubation and marketing, so as to better serve the Internet and the real economy.

AOT Foundation aims to build a visual artificial intelligence blockchain operating system to realize the integration of visual operation of blockchain technology and artificial intelligence, so as to realize the interconnection of the global economy.


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