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6-Dof Electric Motion Platform


Fully motorised multi-degree-of-freedom platforms
The range of electric multi-degree-of-freedom stages includes single, three- and six-degree-of-freedom stages. It realises partial or complete replacement of the original hydraulic platform in the market, due to the use of electric control, omits the hydraulic pump station, piping and other surrounding equipment, simplifies the whole device, removes the phenomenon of running, bubbling, dripping and leaking due to the use of hydraulic oil, eliminates the pollution of hydraulic oil
It also eliminates the need for tedious maintenance work such as control, significantly reduces power loss and improves the efficiency of the system. At the same time, due to the use of electric control, the control accuracy and control stability of the system has been improved, greatly improving the safety and reliability of the system.
Principle of motorised six degrees of freedom platform.
The six degrees of freedom platform is made up of six servo-electric cylinders, six universal hinges (Hooke hinges) on the top and bottom and two platforms on the top and bottom. The lower platform is fixed to the infrastructure and, with the help of the telescopic movement of the six servo-electric cylinders, completes the movement of the platform in six degrees of freedom (X, Y, Z, α, β, γ) in space, thus allowing the simulation of various spatial movement postures.
The products are widely used in aerospace, aviation, shipping, railway, automotive and optical industries for experimental testing and simulation, wave, earthquake, tank and weapon simulation, multi-degree-of-freedom kinetic entertainment, large amusement facilities, mechanical lifting platforms, automotive manufacturing equipment, racing simulators, medical devices, articulated robots, weapon targeting and driving simulation, wind tunnel testing equipment and other fields.

Six degrees of freedom motion stages (electric and hydraulic)
This product adopts Stewart parallel robot structure to achieve a total of six free movements in the X,Y.z axes of movement and rotation in three-dimensional space, using servo motors to drive ball screws to convert motor rotation into linear motion, to achieve high-speed precision positioning and curvilinear motion, through a certain high-speed real-time computing, the platform posture is converted into electric cylinder linear motion in real time, suitable in the need for three axes of movement and rotation Movement of the mechanism and simulation platform, according to the load size and movement speed, the movement amplitude.
Product features.
- Fully digital closed-loop servo control, professional multi-axis motion control cards ensure smooth and true motion, reducing dynamic drift and distortion.
- New modular combination and free and flexible system integration, to meet the different needs of customers.
- High precision, high rigidity electric cylinder drive system and platform combination, to ensure high rigidity of the platform system and .
- Multiple mechanical and electrical safety protections to ensure the safety of the platform system.
- High response, high speed, high acceleration and low noise to meet the requirements of various operating environments.
- Visible and friendly human-machine interface, easy to set and operate.
- Energy saving, environmental protection, maintenance free and long service life.

Shaanxi Shuangyu Technology Co., Ltd. was established in June 2014, located in the high-tech industrial development zone of Qindu District, Xianyang City. It specializes in the design, development and manufacture of precision automation equipment such as six-degree-of-freedom motion stages, electric cylinders and experimental equipment. Six degrees of freedom motion stages and electric cylinders have been used in many fields such as aerospace and shipping, and a number of large tonnage six degrees of freedom stages have filled the gaps in the domestic industry.
The company has strong technical force, with a number of senior engineers in the R & D team, advanced design concepts, to provide continuous innovation, with a complete processing system to ensure product quality, perfect and reliable quality and technology assurance system and rich experience in the automation of intelligent control practitioners, to escort the development of enterprises.
The main products are electric cylinder linear, fold-back, right-angle, direct-drive type a variety of structural forms, single-cylinder load up to more than 100 tons, large six-degree-of-freedom motion platform has 1 ton, 3 tons, 5 tons, 10 tons, 12 tons, 20 tons, 30 tons, 40 tons and other mature products have been put into the market, the main components are used international well-known brands, acceleration up to 3G, precision can reach micron level, according to customer The acceleration can reach 3G and the accuracy can reach micron level, according to the customer's needs.
Product features: high speed, silent, large load, safe and reliable, small power loss, durable, long life, beautiful appearance.
Our company's quality policy is "quality-oriented, reputation first, continuous innovation, perfection and excellence", and we firmly establish the business philosophy of "everything for the customer, everything from innovation". We are committed to providing quality and satisfactory services to our customers quickly, on time, with quality and quantity.


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